Energy Point #2: Are You A Resistor or Persistor?

Back when I worked as a highschool drama teacher, I had a term that I used to describe really good work happening in my dramaroom: creative chaos. What was so special about these creatively chaotic moments was that to anyone just walking by it would have looked like mayhem, but instead it was students so engaged in creating that they didn’t notice they were working right on top of another group of students. They would beg me for more time to work (yes, you read that right) and would create more quality in 15 minutes than they ever thought possible.

This is the second energy point in action, my friends, and we all have the ability to tap into it – all the time.

The second energy point is located throughout the hip area of the body, and it’s no mistake that’s where our creation organs live as well (yes, you know what I mean). The key with this energy point is that we need to be able to plug into this energy source in order for it to really be able to work for us. The key to doing that is in shifting our thinking. For that to happen, we must be willing. What’s so exciting is that when we are willing to shift our thinking around what we’re actually capable of creating, nothing can limit the explosion of energy that will naturally come bursting forth.

Let me stay with my drama students to show you what I mean.

To kick-off creative chaos I would usually count the students off and put them into groups. (Some of them hated this. This meant they weren’t with all of their friends.) Next, I would give them the task of what they needed to create and then I would give them, say, 10 or 15 minutes in which to do it. At that point there was always 1 or 2 from each group that would freak out: “What? Are you kidding? How are we supposed to do THAT with ONLY this?” My answer, “You have 8 more minutes.”

These kids weren’t wrong, and I wasn’t mean. They were simply playing the role of resistance, and I was playing the role of persistence. We all have both inside us, and they live in our second energy point.

Whenever we are faced with wanting something to come into our lives–a leaner body, new home, relationship, more money, whatever it might be–we ignite the energy of our second point, and we call up either resistance or persistence – depending on which one we’re more friendly with. If you aren’t sure which it is for you, take a look at what’s around you. There’s your answer.

How do we change? How do we get this second energy point working for us?

We must create who we want to be. It’s a shedding of skin that’s required. Sounds simple; why haven’t we done it? We’re all bound together by the common tension that lies in the second energy point. This is tension between the belief in our potential to be our highest and most successful selves (persistence) and the fear that, for a reason most of us can’t prove, it just won’t happen (resistance). What I really want to point out here is that persistence isn’t about struggle, strife and ugh. That’s just resistance pretending to be persistence.

So, is it possible? Of course! One great recent story is This man started with a paper clip (red) and with the intention that he would trade it up for a house. Last I heard his house warming party is Labor Day, and anyone and everyone is invited.

You can do it, too.

It’s about using our energy to say YES to our creative abilities rather than engaging our energy to say no. Time frames work well and so does accountability. My students wouldn’t have done it without my constant countdown reminder and the knowing that they would be asked to present SOMETHING when the time was up. (I’ve always been a coach!)

We are incredible creatures. You get to have what you want.

Oh, and my dramastudents? Well, wherever we performed I would hear, “I can’t believe you got these kids to do this.” I still hear from a lot of my students today. It’s stayed with them and, well, that’s the power of the second point, right?

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