Personal Development – What Star Wars Can Teach You About Using “The Force” in Your Life

If you have clicked on this article, you undoubtedly have some understanding of what Star Wars is and what it is about. The author will not waste your time by going through a complete plot summary, but rather jump right into what Star Wars can teach you about your own personal development.

1. There is an Equivalent of Midi-chlorians in Our Galaxy.

One of the more famous moments from Episode I features a unique discussion about what exactly “the force” is. Turns out, all life has little organisms, called midi-chlorians, that live symbiotically within cells, and can aid in all sorts of cool tricks if the individual is trained how to communicate and coordinate with them.

While there are no micro-cellular organisms waiting to unleash your hidden potential in this place we call Earth, there is still something that flows through all of us, and it is an integral part of the entire universe. This substance is energy. Yes, energy binds us together and allows us to accomplish every feat, no matter how great or small. Your thoughts project a signal out into the universe. Much of what you reap in this life has to do with the thought signals you are projecting. This thought resonance will attract like signals through the common medium of energy, which flows through all life.

2. Like a Jedi, One Must Train if You Want to Use Energy to It’s Fullest Potential.

Let me make something perfectly clear; in no way, shape or form are you going to be able to move objects with your mind, defy the law of gravity or build a tangible blade composed of concentrated light by using the Law of Attraction. Using the Law, however, still takes time and practice. You must learn what it means to truly resonate with your desires and the universe and how to overcome the many resistances that will come your way. As with midi-chlorians, the Law is at work in your life whether you want to acknowledge it or not. The goal, as Bob Proctor puts it, is to become “consciously competent” in our knowledge and application of the Law. This training takes on many forms including: meditation, affirmation, and goal setting and monitoring. Much like the universe, the potential for using the Law is near infinite. You can begin right now with some thorough introspection. Sit somewhere quiet and really think, keep in mind that productive thought is a skill altogether, about where your life is right now and where you want your life to be. Look at your life and decide if the actions you are doing on a daily basis are contributing to the future you want. If the actions are not conducive to your ideal future, then think about what needs to change. Visualize yourself making those changes and manifest the positive feelings associated with moving towards your desired future.

While the Star War’s universe has literally thousands of more lessons it could teach us about our own existence, yes you could say that I am a fan, these principles will greatly aid in one’s use of the Law of Attraction. So begin your training, focus your mind and connect with the universe to reach your true potential.

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