Revolutionary Balance

I lay my head on my pillow at night and marvel at the idea I am traveling on the surface of the earth at somewhere near the speed of sound. While spinning at this speed, I marvel that I am also rocketing through space at more than 66,000 miles per hour. I think of the fondness with which evolution is studied and taught, knowing I live not in a strictly evolutionary system, but one at the same time, revolutionary.

If we look at the 6,000 year Age of Man from Adam to now, we can safely say the first 4,000 years were indeed evolutionary. Incremental social and cultural changes provided stability and small expectations. When Jesus walked the earth in the flesh, we transitioned from evolutionary change to revolutionary change – by design. Species now go extinct without any further traces of evolution. To become extinct must seem revolutionary to those who do. Imagine your own family as the last of its kind.

Those born about 25 years either side of 1900 know nothing but revolution. They have seen more change than all the generations preceding them. Many survived to be old and see grandchildren and great – grandchildren. Stability and balance flew out their windows. Expectations were raised so high as to dwarf those of earlier generations. Events exceeded those expectations enough to be frightening and disorienting. These folks are a tribute to the flexibility and adaptability of the human spirit. While I am speaking of the people in Western cultures, the same is becoming very true at a faster pace in other parts of the globe. They too will adapt.

The main problem of these revolutionary times is one of balance. When major events come together, we can’t cope by simple adjustments. We cannot be confident in our training or the intentions of others. Who is seeking the good of all? Who are simply opportunists? We are often heavily unbalanced before we sense why nothing is going well for us. We are seldom taught anything about balance, yet we seek it intuitively. Personal and spiritual growth are mighty balancing factors. We can look to old and nearly discredited sciences such as astrology and numerology to see more clearly who we are and who are those close to us. We can obtain insight as to how our interests can reveal our purpose. Purpose that keeps us vital and healthy well into advanced age.

We can find balance in simple efforts to increase our health. Drinking lots of clean water, deep breathing clean air, practicing yoga, tai chi, regular meditation, prayer, martial arts, and even gardening are all activities that increase balance. Pursuits in fine arts and performing arts will also increase balance and our sense of balance. Charity work increases balance.

When we allow and accept the label of consumer, we allow commercial interests to define, limit and unbalance us. When we struggle to earn a living and seem to make no headway, we also become limited and the limits create imbalance. Imbalance adds new limits and creates more imbalance. Unlimit, find balance and the peace balance creates.

Life is cyclical. Even as we go through simple cycles of digestion and sleep, our balance points shift. Sometimes we sense it as an energy change. Both astrology and numerology can be most helpful in discovering the longer cycles in our lives. They can help us see that in different points in cycles and as cycles change, we express different desires, concerns and behaviors. I am in a 27 year cycle in which self is the main focus. I am learning self awareness and self improvement. If I am not careful, I can become self defeating and self destructive. I think these things are good to know and help me with balance. There are many ways to obtain balance, the key is sensing when you are out of balance. That means paying attention to yourself.

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