The Open Ended Question

What is the purpose of the open-ended question and how can you use it to generate infinite possibilities?

The purpose of the open-ended question is simply a way to help you detach from an outcome. Detaching from an outcome allows for the generation of infinite possibilities. The open ended questions help switch the filter of the brain’s RAS (Reticular Activation System) which then allows you to change what is embedded and create something new in your reality.

What if you have embedded in your brain that you wanted a brand new Lexus but you had no idea how you would ever be able to own one.

  • They cost so much money.
  • You don’t make enough money.
  • You have too much debt.
  • You can’t get a loan.
  • You are so depressed.
  • I can’t have anything I want.
  • I really want that Lexus. It’s on my vision board. I think about every day. I do affirmations. It’s still not here.
  • I can only get the Lexus if my ex husband pays me the money he owes me. He is such a jerk. I’m never going to get that Lexus.
  • If I do get the Lexus, the interest is probably going to be too high. With the economy its going to cost too much in gas money.

As you can gather this is the sort of thing that goes on in our head as we see the things around us that we would like to have in our realty. So what is one way we can change our RAS about owning a Lexus?

Notice what you would like to show up in your life. Write something about it. Cut out a picture. Put it on your vision board. Make a mind movie or a power point. Imagine what it feels like to have it or be it (depending on what you would like).

Be grateful for the things you do have etc.

As you are looking at your vision board, mind movie, power point, saying your affirmations, acknowledge I’m going to have this or be this some day no matter where I live or what I am doing, this is mine.

Detach from the outcome – as above where you are trying to solve how its going to come and it can only come if this or that, or it can’t show up because – totally detach from the outcome.

To to this – is simple – ask an open-ended question – it’s like letting go and letting God.

In the book Jewel of Jamari, Sebastian (who is really God/Spirit) teaches Jamari one question to use to teach him how to detach from an outcome and to lose his limitations. This question is a great tool for allowing you to do just that – let go – and allow in the flow. What would it take for____________________ to show up in my life? and then add or better under the most joyous circumstances.

So in this example it would be: What would it take for a Lexus to show up in my life or better in the most joyous of ways?

When you ask this question you allow your brain to shift focus and filtering gears and it will allow other possibilities to start presenting themselves to you. It’s your job to pay attention and follow the leads that are presented to you. You may for instance start getting emails about Lexus cars or seeing them everywhere, that is good, take note because that means you are changing your filtering system to look for the way for the Lexus to show up in your life.

When we add or better this allows for the things we may not of even dreamed of that we would love in addition. When we add in the most joyous circumstance, well we wouldn’t want grandma to pass away and leave us her Lexus or for us to be in a car accident and be paralyzed but get a settlement to be able to by a Lexus.

Can you feel the shift in your vibration from that question? A lightness about it where there was previously heaviness as you couldn’t perceive how it could become reality. The question puts you in a place of allowance so you become a magnet to attract what you desire. When you are attached to something you repel it. When you are detached you call it forth.

So, you, the deliberate creator that you are, as you set sail on your ship called infinite possibilities towards the horizon, what are some of the things that you would like to show up in your life or better, and what would it take for them to show up in your life under the most joyous circumstances?

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