To Forgive

Are you troubled and weary? Is something you are clinging to bringing you pain? Don’t succumb to the temptation to place blame. For the pain you feel is not from out there. The pain you feel inside, deep within your being – a sense of betrayal, loss, or bitter despair – is a feeling you manufacture, you nurture, you hold onto. This is not to say the circumstances you have endured are not deserving of an emotional release – just don’t allow that experience more than it is due. The tighter you cling to the pain (and the circumstances that triggered those feelings) the more power you give away. To be free to grow, to live and to love – you must move on, you must forgive.

Wherever ego looks, it sees conflict and division, pain and oppression. Ego’s tools are blame and fear. To move from the tempest to the calm, from trial to peace, from guilt to innocence, invest the talent and energy at your disposal to recognize the world for what it is illusion. To embrace the true, enduring reality forgive those you perceive as trespassing against you and forgive the circumstances, the events, and the people you believe have conspired against you. By letting go of conflict you ultimately forgive yourself.

Remember these words: “I am responsible.” And “Forgiveness comes from forgiving.”

Life is to be lived. Whether you tend to believe you are journeying through the valley of death, or you are on a voyage of discovery, the truth is your final destination is the safety of a warm embrace and a loving home. To get to that destination do not squander your life, nor spend it frivolously wallowing in pain or self pity. Invest your treasure, your life and your love, freely in the lives of others. To do this you must be unencumbered by guilt and for peace to reign, you must forgive all and always.

Today is not life in the fast lane; it is life in the oncoming lane. Ego puts you in the oncoming lane and accelerates life so that you find it difficult to hear the still small voice calling out to guide the way, the voice calling you home. Undo ego’s obstacles to recognize the truth. The biggest obstacles to truth are the perceptions in your mind you have been wronged or you are unworthy of going home. Both these misperceptions (blame and fear) require true forgiveness.

Your ultimate task in life is to unleash yourself from the bondage of this world. The journey from sleep to wakefulness is made in small steps. You forgive by not judging, by accepting responsibility for all you experience, and by letting go of perceived hurts and injustices. You see, if this life is an illusion, then so are your perceptions of injustice. There is no one to blame and nothing to fear.

Forgiving is giving peace, allowing a smile, inviting laughter despite the circumstances. You are not separate from your creator. You are not alone. You are one whole, complete, powerful, and loving. You are forgiven in the same measure as you forgive others. See your face in the face of your brother and your sister and know that you are one. This is your life – take responsibility for it and forgive all else.

Copyright (c) 2011 Scott F Paradis

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